Magazine Clippings

Here is a collection of vintage magazine clippings about Olive ...

Olive Borden Hal RoachOlive Borden The Joy Girl

Olive BordenOlive Borden Dressing Room

Olive Borden At FoxOlive Borden Pajamas

Olive Borden The Joy GirlOlive Borden At Fox

Olive Borden At RKOOlive Borden The Monkey Talks

Olive BordenOlive Borden

Olive Borden ChristmasOlive Borden

Olive BordenOlive Borden Lux Soap

Olive Borden Hugh TrevorOlive Borden
       With Hugh Trevor                                                                                                              

Olive Borden Yellow FingersOlive Borden Gang War