Olive Borden's Career

Olive Borden The Joy Girl

Between 1923 and 1934 Olive appeared in more than sixty films. Sadly many of her silent films are now considered lost. Here is a list of Olive's movies and links to where you can watch them ...


Olive Borden Chloe Love Is Calling YouOlive Borden Chloe Love Is Calling You
Chloe, Love Is Calling You ~ Chloe / Betty Ann * WATCH IT *

Olive Borden Stoopnagle And BuddOlive Borden Stoopnagle And Budd
The Inventors (short) ~ The teacher * WATCH A SCENE *


Olive Borden Leave It To Me
Leave It to Me (Also known as Help / Filmed In England) ~ Peavy

Olive Borden Gobs Of FunOlive Borden Gobs Of Fun
Gobs Of Fun (Vitaphone short) ~ Lulu * WATCH IT *

Olive Borden Hotel Variety
Hotel Variety

Olive Borden The Mild WestOlive Borden The Mild West
The Mild West (Vitaphone short) ~ Baby Doll * WATCH IT *


Olive Borden The Divorce Racket
The Divorce Racket  (Also known as The Girl In The Cab) ~ Marie


Olive Borden Jack OakieOlive Borden Jack Oakie
The Social Lion ~ Gloria  * WATCH IT *

Olive Borden Hello Sister
Hello Sister ~ Vee * WATCH A SCENE *


Dance Hall ~ Gracie * WATCH IT *

Olive Borden Wedding RingsOlive Borden Wedding Rings
Wedding Rings ~ Eve (this is a lost film)

Olive Borden Half MarriageOlive Borden Half Marriage
Half Marriage ~ Judy * WATCH IT *

Olive Borden The Eternal WomanOlive Borden Nina Quartero
The Eternal Woman ~ Anita (this is a lost film)

Olive Borden Love In The DesertOlive Borden Hugh Trevor
Love in the Desert ~ Zarah (this is a lost film)


Olive Borden Sinners In LoveOlive Borden Sinners In Love
Sinners in Love ~ Ann (a print exists in France)

Olive Borden Stool Pigeon
Stool Pigeon ~ Goldie (this is a lost film)

Olive Borden Gang War
Gang War ~ Flowers (this is a lost film)

Olive Borden Virgin Lips
Virgin Lips ~ Norma (this is a lost film)

Olive Borden Ralph EmersonOlive Borden Ralph Emerson
The Albany Night Boat ~ Georgie


Olive Borden The Joy GirlOlive Borden The Joy Girl
The Joy Girl ~ Jewel (this film was recently FOUND)

Olive Borden The Secret Studio
Secret Studio ~ Rosemary

Olive Borden PajamasOlive Borden Pajamas
Pajamas ~ Angela

Olive Borden Come To My House
Come to My House ~ Joan (this is a lost film)

Olive Borden The Monkey TalksOlive Borden The Monkey Talks
The Monkey Talks ~ Olivette * WATCH IT *


Olive Borden The Country BeyondOlive Borden The Country Beyond
The Country Beyond ~ Valencia

Olive Borden Yellow FingersOlive Borden Yellow Fingers
Yellow Fingers ~ Saina (a print exists the Museum of Modern Art)

Fig Leaves ~ Eve * WATCH A SCENE *

3 Bad Men ~ Lee * WATCH A SCENE *

Olive Borden Tom MixOlive Borden Tom Mix
My Own Pal ~ Alice (this is a lost film)

Olive Borden Tom MixOlive Borden Tom Mix
The Yankee Senor ~ Manuelita


Olive Borden Luis Usabel
Fox News short ~ Olive appears as herself * WATCH IT *

Olive Borden The Happy Warrior
The Happy Warrior ~ Ima (this is a lost film)

Olive Borden The Overland Limited
The Overland Limited ~ Ruth (preserved by The Library of Congress)

Olive Borden Good Morning NurseOlive Borden Good Morning Nurse
Good Morning, Nurse (Mack Sennett short) ~ Nurse May * WATCH IT *

Olive Borden Tell It To A Policeman
Tell It to a Policeman (Hal Roach short) ~ Female thief * WATCH IT *

Olive Borden Grounds For Divorce
Grounds for Divorce (Directed by Paul Bern) ~ Model (this is a lost film)

Olive Borden The Dressmaker From ParisOlive Borden The Dressmaker From Paris
The Dressmaker From Paris (Directed by Paul Bern) ~ A mannequin (this is a lost film)

Excuse My Glove (Hal Roach short) ~ Extra

Riders Of The Kitchen Range (Hal Roach short) ~ Extra * WATCH IT *

 Bad Boy (Hal Roach short) ~ Extra * WATCH IT *

All Wool (Hal Roach short) ~ Extra

Olive Borden Charley ChaseOlive Borden Should Husbands Be Watched
Should Husbands Be Watched? (Hal Roach short) ~ The new maid * WATCH IT *


Olive BordenOlive Borden Charley Chase
Too Many Mammas (Hal Roach short) ~ The girlfriend * WATCH IT *

The Poor Fish (Hal Roach short) ~ Extra * WATCH IT *

The Royal Razz (Hal Roach short) ~ Extra

Lost Dog (Hal Roach short) ~ Extra

Hot Stuff (Hal Roach short) ~ Extra

Olive Borden Lotus Thompson Hal Roach Studios

Deaf Dumb and Daffy 
(Hal Roach short) ~ Extra

Seeing Nellie Home (Hal Roach short) ~ Extra * WATCH IT *

The Battling Orioles (Hal Roach short) ~ Extra * WATCH IT *

Sky Plumber (Hal Roach short) ~ Extra

Olive BordenOlive Borden
Just a Good Guy (Hal Roach short) ~ Slippery Sue

Olive Borden Should Landlords Live
Should Landlords Live? (Hal Roach short) ~ Supporting role

Olive Borden Dog Days
Dog Days (Hal Roach short) ~ Dog walker * WATCH IT *

A Hard Boiled Tenderfoot (Hal Roach short) ~ Extra

Don't Park There (Hal Roach short)  ~ Extra * WATCH IT *

A Truthful Liar (Hal Roach short) ~ Extra

Olive Borden Lotus Thompson 1924

South O' The North Pole (Hal Roach short) ~ Indian Squaw

All Wet (Hal Roach short) ~ Female boarder * WATCH IT *

The Rubber-Neck (Hal Roach short) ~ Extra

Olive Borden At Hal Roach Studios

The White Sheep (Hal Roach short) ~ Extra

Meet The Missus (Hal Roach short) ~ Extra

Outdoor Pajamas (Hal Roach short)  ~ Extra * WATCH IT *

Olive Borden Why Men Work
Why Men Work (Hal Roach short) ~ Supporting role

Olive Borden Our Congressman
Our Congressman (Hal Roach short) ~ Woman on golf course

Olive Borden Charley Chase
Sweet Daddy (Hal Roach short)  ~ Woman in car

Olive Borden Air Pockets
Air Pockets (Mermaid short) ~ Morgan's daughter * WATCH IT *

Olive Borden Midnight Blues
Midnight Blues (Mermaid short) ~ Supporting role

Olive Borden Lige Conley
Wide Open (Mermaid short) ~ Newlywed

Olive Borden Lige Conley
Neck and Neck (Mermaid short) ~ Supporting role (a print exists in a Czech film archive)


Olive Borden Children Of Jazz
Children of Jazz (this is a lost film)

Olive Borden A Twosome At Tuara
A Twosome At Tuara

Ponjola ~ Native girl (this is a lost film)


Olive Borden A Married Virgin
December 1931 ~ A Modern Virgin (The Locust Street Theatre in Philadelphia)

December 1930 ~ The Devil Was A Lady (Off Broadway in New York City)

Olive Borden